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Whole car oil seal

Models Name Specification Models Name Specification
WY125 JH125 Speed gear 6.5x14.5x7 CG125 XF125 Starting shaft 16x28x7
Countershaft 20x34x7 Countershaft 20x34x7
Starting shaft 16x28x7 Gearshift shaft 14x28x7
Cam shaft 15x25x7 The left crankshaft 22x35x7(34x50x7)
Gearshift shaft 14x28x7 Speed gear 6.5x14.5x7
Clutch 12x22x5 Clutch 12x22x5
JH70 JD100 DY90 The left crankshaft 18.9x30x5 豪迈125 GY6125 Countershaft 20x32x7
Starting shaft 13.7x24x5 Spindle 27x42x7
Gearshift shaft 11.6x24x10 The left crankshaft 19.8x30x5
Countershaft 17x29x5 Right crankshaft 19.8x30x5
Clutch push rod 12x21x4 Clutch shaft 34x41x4
NF125   14x24x6 CB125T CL125   35x52x7
  17x25x4   6.5x14.5x7
  25x40x8   11.6x24x10
  26x38x5   12x18x5
  4.8x22x7   20x34x7
  28x40x8   22x31x5
GS125 Motor 15x25x5 AG50 The left crankshaftOutside 24x43x6
Countershaft 27x40x6 Right crankshaft 17x28x5.5
Gearshift shaft 12x22x9 Countershaft 17x27x6
Clutch 16x24x5 Spindle 27x40x6
Clutch arm 10x20x5 Clutch 34x39x3
木兰 50   26x42x8 QJ125   16x28x7
  12x24x7   20x34x7
  14x24x6   6.5x14.5x7
  17x29x8   15x25x6
  25x40x8   15x25x7
凌鹰125 ZY125 The left crankshaft 22x32x7 风速125 CH125 Spindle 27x42x7
Right crankshaft 18.9x30x5 Right crankshaft 18.9x30x5
Countershaft 22x39x6 Clutch shaft 34x41x4
Spindle 26x48x7 Countershaft 20x32x7
DX100 The left crankshaft 20x40x8 AX100 Right crankshaft 26x52x7/8
Right crankshaft 28x47x8 Starting shaft 16x30x8
Countershaft 26x38x5 Clutch push rod 5.5x16x8
Starting shaft 17x25x4 The left crankshaft 20x37x8
Gearshift shaft 12x22x5 Countershaft 25x40x9/10
Clutch arm 10.5x15x3/3.5 Gearshift shaft 12x22x9
大白鲨125   27x42x7 JS50   25x40x8
  20x32x7   12x22x5
  34x41x4   20x38x5
  12x20x5   15x26x6
  25x40x8   15x25.5x7
NF50   17x28x5.5 名流125   27x42x7
  20x30x6   20x32x7
  20x42x8   18.9x30x5
  22x32x6   13.7x24x5
本田50   24x40x7 JH50   12x22x5
  17x30x6   24x34x5
  20x31x7   15x25.5x7
  19.8x30x5   15x25.5x7

Models Name Specification Models Name Specification
DJ050 The left crankshaft 15.6x25.5x7 FXD125 Countershaft 20x34x7
Right crankshaft 15.6x25.5x7 Starting shaft 16x28x7
Countershaft 17x30x5 Gearshift shaft 14x28x7
Spindle 24x40x7 Speed gear 6.5x14.5x7
Clutch 34x39x3 Cam shaft 12x22x5
TR125   16x30x8 SY125   16x28x7
  12x22x7   14x28x7
  25x40x7   20x34x7
  25x44x7   6.5x14.5x7
  30x44x7   15x26x6
  6x19x7   15x25x7
RX125 The left crankshaft 25x40x8 CY80 Right crankshaft 32x44x8
Gearshift shaft 14x24x6 The left crankshaft 25x40x8
Starting shaft 17x25x4 Countershaft 20x38x5
Countershaft 26x38x5 Starting shaft 15x26x6
Right crankshaft 28x40x8 Gearshift shaft 12x22x5
Clutch push rod 4.8x22x7 Clutch 10.8x20x9
QJ100   10x22x7 AI100   5.5x16x8
  12x22x5   12x22x7
  17x25x4   20x37x8
  26x38x5   25x44x7
  20x40x8   25x40x9/10
  10.5x15x3/3.5   16x30x8
K90 Clutch push rod 5.5x16x8 AD50   15x25x5
Right crankshaft 26x52x7/8   17x25x4
Gearshift shaft 12x22x7 Countershaft 17x27x6
The left crankshaft 20x37x8 The left crankshaftOutside 24x43x6
Starting shaft 16x30x8 The left crankshaftInside 25x37x6
The left crankshaft 15.6x25.5x7 大路易90 The left crankshaft 20x32x7
Right crankshaft 15.6x25.5x7 Right crankshaft 15x25.5x7
Countershaft 17x30x6 Spindle 17x29x5
Spindle 25x40x8 Countershaft 27x42x7
TX50   34x41x4 幸福250   25x45x10
  20x37x8   25x62x10
  20x37x8   30x52x10
  27x40x6   7.5x16x7
TH90 WIN10   6x25x6 兜风50   20x30x6
  13.7x24x5   22x32x6
  11.6x24x10   20x37x8
  18.9x30x5   17x28x5.5
  17x29x5   19x26x5
The left crankshaft 15.6x25.5x7 玉河50   20x35x7
Right crankshaft 15.6x25.5x7   26x47x10
Countershaft 17x30x6   20x40x8
Spindle 24x40x7   34x42x5
幻想50   15x25x6      
Right crankshaft 17x25x4    
Countershaft 17x27x5    
The left crankshaft(Outside 24x43x6    
Right crankshaftInside 25x37x6    
Spindle 27x40x6